Upcoming Shoebox Swap

I enjoy creating greeting cards.  I belong to a Meetup Group that meets and creates cards.  There’s a monthly class, and then occasional events.  The next event is a Christmas Themed Shoebox Swap.  The idea of this get-together is for each person to create ONE card, and then have enough supplies in a shoebox for each person to create a duplicate.  So if my card has specifically sized paper on it, I would cut enough for each person at the Swap. In our group, it’s always 10 people, so I would have supplies for a minimum of 9 extra duplicated cards.  If there is a stamped image, I can include the stamp and ink, or pre-stamp the image on cardstock.  Same thing with embellishments–ribbon, tags, brads, buttons, glitter, tape, etc. What’s wonderful is we get a variety of designed greeting cards.  99% of the time they will be the standard 4.25″ x 5.5″ A2 card size.  If we have greeting cards that are not this standard size, we are asked to submit an envelope. There are a plethora of greeting card styles out there.  I have a lot of books and magazines that show ways to fold paper, and create shapes that look nearly impossible to duplicate, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a challenge to find NEW ideas to share with others. For instance, recently I came across a “Block” card tutorial and I decided to give it a go.  Luckily this was a written tutorial instead of a video.  I’d rather have a written tutorial, because I can print it out and check off each step as I go along. box card from scrappin' with shalana I made it a beach theme for my best friend who absolutely loves the beach! The upcoming shoebox swap theme is Christmas.  I’m tempted to create a gatefold type card, but we’ll see.  It really depends on the amount of paper I have.  Since each card needs to have the exact same pieces, I would have to make sure I had enough of each item to provide.  Last year I didn’t have enough of this one ribbon which was frustrating because it went so well with the card I wanted to create. More info will follow once I figure out what I plan to share with the group.